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    Methodical and
    behavioral approach

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Project management

Apply and use project management methods optimally.

Sales management

Negotiate and argue at eye level.

Seminars & Trainings

Strengthen your leadership and personal development.

Project management - Sales management - Seminars & Trainings

We provide you with trainings and coaching that unleash your potentials and expertise to the fullest!

Meaning & Purpose

My passion is to help companies achieve the best possible results with high agility and control capability.

Appreciative collaboration and agility

are some of my outstanding characteristics as a freelance trainer and coach. To enable you to build and expand knowledge and skills, I offer you my services based on more than 25 years of competence, practical experience, and expertise in project and sales management.

In concrete terms, » What does collaborating with me bring you? «
  • You enhance your success in projects and/or sales with strategic and methodical approaches.
  • You develop future-oriented, project-specific abilities and skills.
  • You receive essential tools to establish and further optimize professional project management.
  • You cultivate a clear customer focus and build a profitable project management system.
  • You support and enhance the agility of your company and teams.
  • You become more adaptive and create lasting motivation!
Your challenges are our mission.

My team of 10 core trainers and coaches is also ready to tackle your challenges in project and sales management.

In case you have larger challenges, we can tap into my extended network of around 120 specialists in project management, leadership, and sales. The approach

The approach

The content, methods, and approaches are tailored to your company, your needs, and your capabilities for each training and coaching. The emphasis and focus lie in applicability and comprehensibility.

Our portfolio for you!

In-house trainings open seminars certification preparation trainings workshops facilitation presentations project support individual and team coaching in the areas of sales and project management online presence hybrid learning blended online learning

Project Management Training & Seminars

Today, businesses must adapt quickly to constant change and demanding customers. Effective management of rapid change is crucial for future success. Project management training equips participants with the necessary tools to handle complex projects and lead interdisciplinary teams towards common goals. Explore our tailored seminar concepts to prepare your company for the future and ensure long-term success.

Sales Management / Sales Training

Sales is vital for every company. While having excellent products or services is important, it is professional sales that ensure success. Sales is the key to business success. It should be prioritized and recognized as crucial. Pay attention to your company's image in the market and how salespeople represent its values to customers. Acquire and retain customers and train your sales teams for quick and effective results.

About Me

I have dedicated my life to project and sales management. With extensive training and certifications in various areas, I bring over 20 years of experience to my freelance work as a trainer, coach, and project companion. I focus on practical applicability and motivated implementation, aiming to help companies achieve excellent results with agility and control.

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